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How to Unzip & Zip files on a Mac with iZip


When you open an archive with iZip it appears as a removable disk.* This allows management of your files right inside the Mac Finder, all view modes including cover-flow just work.

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Supports macOS Ventura
* iZip classic


Unzip an email attachment

If you receive a .zip, .rar or .7z file as an email attachment, simply double-click to open it with iZip.


Unzip from your internal disk or USB drive with Finder

If you have saved a .zip, .rar, .7s, .tar, .tar.gz or any of the files supported by iZip in the Finder, double-click it to open. iZip will mount the contents of the file as a removable disk, after this you are able to view and modify it's contents the same was as any other folder on your Mac. To extract any or all files, simply drag them to the desired location using the Finder.


Creating Zip Files on Mac